Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression

We are easily lost in the wood of millions medical terms. Even for senior practitioners, they are cautious to say they know what a specific disease’s terms exactly represents. New diseases continue to emerge in a large amount. I work with a lot of people with various symptoms: pain, excessive fatigue, insomnia, allergy, panic attack, acid reflux and bloating, or just don’t feel like themselves. I always detect the health problem with my hand and many times it is found to be related to abnormal muscle tone somewhere. This seems like a key for me to open all the doors of health issues from known diagnosis and unknown diagnosis.

Anxiety and depression may be the most popular ones for the past decade, many people can tell they have either conditions in some extent. Once I worked with a group of student physicians, a depression patient told us her mental energy experiencing tremendous change in the other day of acupuncture treatment and this feeling had repeated for several weeks, we realized these are psychosomatic disorder instead only mental issues. In classical Chinese medicine, brain doesn’t belong to main organ system, while it is considered to be one of the miscellaneous organs. Mind are divided into five kinds and stored in the five main organ systems respectively. Pinpointing the balance of five organ systems can treat the mental disorders. This is the foundation of acupuncture treating mental disorders.

How to duel with the imbalance organs in classic Chinese medicine? In about 2500 years ago, ancient Chinese name a doctor as yi huan(醫緩)and yi he(醫和), yi means healing, which is still commonly used to call a doctor nowadays. Huan and he are no longer recognized by most of the people in the medical field. Though, the original meaning of these two words actually contained the main strategic of the Chinese medicine: huan means take off the clothes and loose one’s tie, while he means playing the "flute" made of reed pipes, resulting in a beautiful harmonic resonance of different parts. Therefore, the treatment means let the physical body relax and all the organs and systems work together to promote self-healing.

What effects you may get from these treatment? Your muscle relieves to be soft and flexible, pain doesn’t interfere your life, your allergy subsides silently, you sleep like a baby again, your negative thinking is gone, you become more productive and effective in your work or learning, your gut doesn’t scream at you frequently without any reason, etc. No matter you are healthy now or with severe chronic health issues, good quality of life origins from you daily experience. Time extended work and life are sustainable with favorable experience of daily life.


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